Small Space BIG Style

If you’re like most of the population, you can’t afford a nice mansion in the hills (or any house for that matter). But why would you want to? You can live well below your means in a tiny little house that just may be the most adorable thing you ever did see. You dont need tons of useless sq. feet to fill up and clean when you can live like Whitney & Adam in 362 sq ft. Yeah thats right, 362 sq ft! and you would never know the difference. This little home is amazing. They make the most out of every inch and do it with impeccable style. Here are some photo’s, if you’d like to see the full house tour just click on their name above.



Eva lives in 800 sq ft and manages to keep it “light, cozy AND green”. She even made that coffee table herself from a tree trunk in her backyard!ImageImageImageImage

Liz has no more than 360 sq ft to work with but she is truly the master of small spaces. Check out how she does it here.


My absolute favorite tiny space has to be Sarahs 500 sq ft studio. She manages to make it cozy and stylish without feeling cluttered.



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