Hello Spring!


Spring is here and I couldn’t be more thrilled. After surviving through what seemed like 100 years of winter, (our longest one yet) and one random snow fall after two magical days of 75 degree weather, I feel as if i’m safe to say ITS OVER! That means its time to do some Spring Cleaning. I don’t just mean deep cleaning the entire house floor to ceiling, i’m talking about out with the old and in with the new. Its kind of like new years but better. The sun is shining and you get a whole new season to start fresh. So open up those windows, grab yourself a cocktail, and lets get started. First you’ll want to clean the house, Here is a detailed list you can print that may help you out and if you’re into non toxic cleaning << this site gives you all the steps to make your own cleaners. Once you get all the “fun” stuff out of the way, we can get to the real fun stuff, Revamping your space for spring!

  • A few simple ways to do this are adding color to your space. Im talking bright pops of color in pillows, wallpaper, decor items, ect. If your not ready to take the leap into bold you can always stick with more muted pastel tones.
  • You’ll also want to think about your layout. I love moving furniture around and making it feel like a whole new room. It may even help the area function better. Get rid of clutter around the room that you don’t really need.
  • Take out your photos and replace them with new ones, this is a simple and free way to change up your walls. Sweet Peony Press has amazing prints!
  • Outside is more colorful than ever, so bring it inside. Put fresh flowers in (every) room and get some new plants to place around the house, casa sugar has a great post on styling floral center pieces. Greenery does amazing things for your home.
  • As i said previously about swapping photos, you can also give your frames a coat of paint and freshen them up.
  • Hang up garland on the fireplace or above a window or really anywhere you see fit, millalove has cute ones to choose from as well as paperwhite designs.
  • chalkboards framed in bright fun colors are sure to transform your space, check out these.
  • Boxwood is a shop on etsy that has beautiful terrariums. And dont get me started on Meg A. Myers, her shop is amazing & its recycled! An awesome way to display those plants you just bought 😉



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