Baby Proof in Style




I know what you’re thinking. Now that i have a child my house will never be the same. Being a mother to a 14 month old little girl (a.k.a. terror) I know first hand the stress that comes along with running back and forth 24/7 after your child as they enthusiastically tear apart the entire house room by room and somehow find every way possible to potentially injure and/or kill themselves. It’s exhausting and might i add a little depressing when you feel like all hope is lost for keeping a beautiful home, when you would trade it all in for a padded room with 4 walls and no doors, just to be able to sit down on your couch for 5 seconds worry free, without yelling out “i can hear you, what are you getting into?!” or “close that drawer, dont put that in your mouth!” and “get back here!”. This is why i felt this post would be helpful to any mothers who go through what i do on a day to day basis. There’s no reason we should have to sacrifice our lovely home in order to keep that darling little monster alive. We’ve already sacrificed so much as it is. So here is a list of great ways to keep your home pretty AND safe.

Picture frames : when you’ve got a walker on your hands, they suddenly can reach everything you once thought was safe. and if they can’t yet reach it, they’ve figured out how to climb..on anything..and everything. A simple fix to your wall hangings is plexiglass & velcro. Ditch the normal glass and nails in the wall and you’re set, this is especially great in rentals because the velcro strips come right off without putting any holes in the wall. Plus you can hang your photos as low as you’d like and in turn your child can enjoy them just as much as you do. It may even help them learn new words and putting names to faces or objects.

Image(source: young house love )

Coffee table: Lucky for you, its all about the poufs right now. Or even an upholstered ottoman. Tables can be dangerous and cause you unwanted stress when your constantly on the edge of your seat about to plunge at any moment your kid takes a tumble into a sharp corner. With something soft you never have to worry about them knocking their head and you still have a stylish and trendy living room.

Image(source: oh joy)

Decor : Yes the glass vases and breakable pieces must get stored away for awhile, or at least placed up high. But that doesn’t mean you have to have an empty boring room. Children LOVE getting into things and exploring how everything works, this gives you the perfect opportunity to find objects you’ll enjoy staring at and your little will love playing and learning with. Small wooden sculptures or books, brightly colored plastic objects, ect work great. Baskets are a great idea to keep toys in and out of sight when the child isn’t playing and they look great as well. We’ve all heard the horror stories of children taking markers and crayons to the walls but with chalk paint you can turn it into something fun for the kids and chic for you. Chalk paint is very in right now and your little will have a blast drawing their tiny hearts out while you sit back and enjoy the fact that you wont be having to go out and buy a bucket of paint once they’re done.


Baby gates: If you have stairs or any rooms in your home you don’t want your child anywhere near, then it is inevitable you will have baby gates in your home. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the ugly cheap plastic ones that stick out like a sore thumb. There are many different options for gates that will look as though they are just another beautiful feature in the home. you can even have them custom made to fit your style.






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