Seeing Green

No i am not talking about “going green”, i’m talking about succulents. Its the cool new plant in the neighborhood (even though its been around forever). From a more educational standpoint, they are plants that store water in their leaves and are thick and fleshy. Someone decided it was awesome and now its the hot new trend. So i’ve decided to dedicate this post to showing you DIYS, decor ideas, and pretty pictures. Succulents are a great choice if you desire to add greenery to your home, wedding, ect. They are cheap, low maintenance and make an awesome display. If you DO NOT have a green thumb, like me, this is the perfect plant for you. Just put it in bright sunlight, give it some water (make sure not to over water), and you can pretty much keep it alive.


They can be used in so many ways from bouquets and floral arrangements to terrariums and party favors. One wedding below put them in pretty little gold goblets and used them as place cards. The possibilities are endless. Stop by The Succulent Source  (great packages for wedding favors) or any local market to pick some up! Now i know you’re just dying at this point to get crafting. Heres some ideas to get you started:


ImageImageImageImageHappy Planting!


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