Rental Rehab

Due to the fact that I myself am currently on the market for a nice little rental to call my own, and have many friends who rent themselves, I found it necessary and furthermore an obligation to make this post. So lets talk rentals. They pretty much suck. You’re usually faced with rules like “you can not paint my hideous colored walls” and “how dare you want to replace my yellow laminate flooring for nice new wood”. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make some small temporary changes that can really refresh your space. Heres how:

1. Knobs. So they won’t let you paint the kitchen cabinets, but they’ll never know if you switch out those ugly old knobs for something shiny and new. This is an easy and generally cheap way to transform those cabinets. Plus you can take them when you move into your dream home! someday. And don’t forget your best friend, spray paint. I am really into gold hardware right now but it may be a little out of the budget. Buy knobs in whatever style you love and simply spray them. Rustoleum works great.


2. Backsplash. These days there are so many ways to put up temporary back splashes from cheap dollar store place-mats to contact paper to literally building a wood board and cementing on tiles then screwing it to the wall, when your ready to move you just take it with you. how cool is that? if you’re into the stainless look you can pick up these at ikea for only $29.99!


3. Faucets. Most people probably don’t think about this but why deal with some crummy old faucet day after day when you can so EASILY pick one up that will not only be functional while doing those dishes, but be pretty to look at? This not only applies to your kitchen but bathrooms too. Its not as scary as it looks to install and once you move, you can take it with you, WIN.


4. Furniture. So you saw this gorgeous sofa but tell yourself you’ll wait until you have a “real home” or that perfect dining table that you dont believe deserves to sit in your little old rental. HOLD UP, lets get real ladies, if you want that special piece of furniture in your life, why deprive yourself? So many people make excuses that they cant design the kind of home they’ve always dreamed of because they are renting. Who says you have to own a home to make it feel like a home? If you see a gorgeous upholstered wingback chair for a price you cant beat, you get that chair! If you’ve been looking for what seems like eternity for that perfect sofa thats just a little out of your price range, then you whisper sweet nothings into your mans ear until you have that sofa! trust usually works. Your not losing anything by buying something you will be able to take with you wherever you go and keep forever so why wait?


5. Rugs. everywhere, every room. I am a very picky person and of course i want my wood floors throughout, but its difficult to find them in a rental sometimes that is also in the area and price range you are looking at. But don’t think for a second you have to live with the not so attractive carpeting that may be underneath you. You can find area rugs from any price range in so many styles to instantly brighten and refresh your living and dining room. Large runners in the kitchen as well! Go buy some, now.


6. Drapery. Before you do ANYTHING, look at you’re windows/sliding doors.. right now. Do you see vertical blinds? Heres what you need to do.. Rip them off!! Ok, maybe be a little more gentle since you’re landlord probably wont appreciate their lovely plastic blinds being destroyed (though they really should thank you) but seriously, take them down. Go out and find yourself a nice pair of drapes, its not very expensive and its a big room changer. They also have the ability to elongate and stretch the room (visually). When your hanging them, make sure you install it closer to the ceiling, this way it gives the illusion that your window & ceiling are higher than they are and don’t buy a rod that is the exact length of the window. Make sure it is longer so you can pull the drapes to either side of the window making it appear larger. Besides you don’t want your blinds covering up all that natural light coming through. Magic!


7. Lighting. If your rental comes with ceiling outlets, go out and buy yourself a gorgeous chandelier or some nice pendant lights and i promise you it will seem like a whole new room! check out this site for some awesome barn inspired lighting, barn light electric. Here are some photos of the amazing lighting they have available!

coleman-emily-1002_Harrison_Park-9 reynolds-jamie-ivanhoe_mig_yellow_chevron_room_2 wilcox_deep_bowl_porcelain_pendant


Wall Decals: These days you can find wall decals everywhere, from your basic craft store to a home decor store to sites such as etsy. I’ve found some awesome decals on etsy for a fair price. The best part about decals is its an inexpensive way to dress up your walls that is still temporary, and no double coats, messy floors, or waiting to dry like paint. Sounds good to me! Check out classy clutter, the lovely wall, and look sugar for some great ideas.

il_570xN.455669514_hji0 il_570xN.541631828_35l3 il_570xN.573241229_cihn




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