Throw pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to add color and pattern to your sofa, chairs or bed. To make a bold design statement, try mixing pillows in different patterns and textures. Of course you don’t want to end up with a look that’s too busy, so try to find common elements between the patterns and keep it in the same color family, or colors that compliment each other (refer to the “colorwheel”). There are different extents to which you can take your pillow mixing abilities. Here they are:
1 pattern + 1 Solid – This is a simple mix that can have a big impact. You can keep them monotone or have strong colors such as blue and orange that will work well against a neutral sofa.
1 Bold Pattern + 1 Small Pattern – this one speaks for itself id assume.
All Florals – You can never really go wrong with florals. When a pair of floral prints appear to be clashing, simply add a third. If those look like they are clashing, add a fourth, and so on, until it all just works. The result is sophisticated and chic.
Lots of Pattern + one simple color – Choose one color you would like to anchor the room with, then simply find every pillow you possibly can in that one color and go crazy with the patterns.
One theme – whatever you choose, whether it be florals, or tribal, or killim, make sure all the pillows are of one theme, that way they are still all tied together. Choose different colors and scales but keep it in the family.
Opposites Attract. White-on-periwinkle meets black and white geometric, underlined by a slash of gold? If you’d said this out loud, you may sound crazy, but it’s so striking. A solid gold throw (blanket) grounds the two patterns togethor, and their large scales will stand up to a large scale pattern of an area rug.
It Just Works – sometimes you have to abandon the realm of reality and just go for it. black and white and neutrals punched with bright accents of pink, a sequin pillow thrown in for good measure, a large flower, pillows with text, ect. It may seem like it just doesn’t fit but it does, its called eclectic. Just have fun!

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