Living Room Love

Living Room
I am in the process of designing my new living room and anyone who knows me knows i make it my life mission to have everything absolutely perfect. Of course that requires a budget, of lets just say, a lot. Or so you would think. Furniture such as the sofa is always a good idea to splurge on along with the area rug as it needs to hold up to daily wear and tear and to be honest, we all want a cozy cloud to fall into at the end of our long day. But you can easily make your room look like you’ve spent thousands when you didnt spend much at all (sshh we wont tell) Gods greatest invention can easily be called Home Goods. It carries everything from furniture to pillows to candles to food and anything inbetween, all at a generous discount. There’s also Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and discount dept stores as well. Target has great deals all the time on amazing finds for your home and they even have featured designers such as Nate Berkus who designs exactly what your looking for at a  price we can actually afford. In the posts above i will be explaining more about designing on a budget, how to use color, pattern and texture, and more.

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